New Player wins Jackpot at Zodiac Casino

Are you familiar with beginner’s luck? A player named HP won almost $13,000 at Zodiac Casino by playing just $0.25.

New Player

HP had recently joined Zodiac Casino and was credited with 80 free spins when he signed up as a new player. This was just 16 days before he won the jackpot.

A $0.25 bet he placed 15 minutes into his first round of play for the day proved to be his lucky ticket. The return on that investment was $12,830, which is more than 51,320 times what he invested.

A Lucky Charm

It just so happened that on one of those lucky days, HP’s girlfriend was watching over his shoulder as he played while he was on the phone. Since she seemed to be somewhat of a good luck charm for him, he conceded that she deserved a share of his fortune because she was right by his side when he won. HP and his girlfriend celebrated with dinner and a celebratory drink. With his remaining winnings, he planned to use them to plan a romantic vacation that they could enjoy together as a couple.

Winning The Big One

As reported by Casinos Rewards, HP stated that the jackpot game came up after only 15 minutes of playing at Zodiac Casino. That was a great feeling! As well as giving advice, he also provided some tips for other online players who want to win big. According to him. Even if you have low funds, keep playing. There is no better casino than Zodiac Casino.

Many people like HP have hit nice jackpots like this at the casino when they least expected it. You do not have to play big bets to win big jackpots either, as it shows that it can happen at any time to anyone.