Mega Moolah Millionaire at Betway Casino

Betway Casino has paid out a world-record £13,213,838.68 jackpot to a British Army soldier. This life-changing moment was all thanks to a mere 25p stake for this lucky winner Jon Heywood, of Cheshire, England.

Weeks later, he still hadn’t gotten over winning all this money. Having recently lost his grandad and his father awaiting heart and lung transplants, his win comes at a particularly difficult time for his family. His first priority will be to provide his father with the best possible medical care. He puts more importance on that than anything else. His family is his top priority, and he would give back all this money to get his dad healthy again.

Besides treating his family to a cruise, Jon also plans to treat himself to one little indulgence – a Bentley. Jon didn’t know what else he’d buy with the money, except for the Bentley. Never in his wildest dreams did Jon imagine himself driving a Bentley, much less owning one. At the moment, he drives a Fiat Punto.

In response to an advertisement he saw on TV, Jon decided to register an account at Betway online casino and quickly became a millionaire. He deposited £30 on Tuesday 6 October and began betting 25p on the slot game ‘Mega Moolah’ at 11.37pm. The jackpot was won in just seven minutes.

Jon, who was deployed to Afghanistan as a soldier and travelled around the world with the Army, had to keep the news secret until the official prize presentation, and so he went to work the following day as usual.

His superiors at work, his girlfriend, and his parents were the only people he had told thus far. It was not believed to be real by anyone. Seeing Jon’s picture in the paper might convince them though.