Our hearts always melt when a long-time player surprises us with a big win, and Satoshi Y didn’t let us down with his staggering 31,571 win on Hidden, one of the newest slots at Vera John casino.


There is more to the story, of course. With hardly any money to play with, he deposited only a modest amount and settled in to play on his favourite online casino during the weekend.


A short time later, he had built up a sizable stake. Satoshi, a Vera John member since 2013, is no stranger to big wins and kept spinning the next day. After a string of wins, a big win of 31,571 was secured!


Having tried several online casinos, he believes VJ is the best. He loves the atmosphere of this online casino, even more than brick-and-mortar casinos. According to him, the players have better chances of winning online, and Vera John Casino has always treated him fairly. Satoshi’s story demonstrates how wins can come at any time and anywhere. The first few days he was at home, but when he won the big prize he was playing on his phone at a restaurant on the third day.


Satoshi commented that Hidden is an easy game to play when asked what he thought. It has great music and a simple bonus round. It’s very exciting when you get three wilds in the mini bonus game, and you don’t find that anywhere else. A high payout has numbers that continue to grow which made him think, “Wow, it’s still going!


Lastly, we asked him what advice he would give to fellow Vjers and according to him, patience was the most important thing. Be aware that there will be ups and downs, but do not dwell on them too much. He believes that’s what ultimately won him the game.


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