Witch’s Brew Slot Win at Slotland

The father of a young girl will use his winnings to pay for her college education after winning the $128,734 jackpot at Slotland last week. Playing the new Witch’s Brew online slot machine, the player, who has been playing online slot machines for about a year, won a massive payout. RMP1956 was his username at the popular online casino at the time of winning his cash prize.

The winner’s daughter was just starting college and he and his wife were worried about how they’d be able to pay for all the tuition and study materials. The winner knew that education is important but also how expensive a good education can be, so at least that’s one thing he and his wife won’t have to worry about anymore.

Witch’s Brew Slot


In Witch’s Brew, players watch the Witch’s magic boil before their eyes as they play the single payline slot machine. Depending on what she has in store, players can place bets as low as $0.50 or as high as $4.00. As one jam pot fills up, another boils over. Wild symbols are activated by hidden witches appearing. More than one Wild symbol can be activated by boiling jam pots, allowing you to spin a winning combination even more often. RMP1956 won the progressive jackpot with 3 Wild Pumpkins.


Slotland Casino

Slotland is one of the few online casinos that the winner trusts. He really enjoys all the slot games but the Witch’s Brew seems to be his new favourite. He had never actually played it until the night he hit the huge jackpot on it.

He loved watching the jars boiling over, especially when he could get them all boiling over with seven wild symbols active.

There have been a lot of big jackpot winners lately who tried something different instead of playing their usual game. There’s always something new to try thanks to the constant addition of new games.