Megabucks Slot Machine Introduction

With Megabucks, you have the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. Almost 20 multi-millionaires have been made since the slot’s release in 2005 with jackpots starting at $10 million. The slot game is only available in Las Vegas brick-and-mortar casinos.

The minimum bet per spin is $1. The progressive jackpot cannot be won if you bet less than $3 per spin. Many players, however, prefer to bet the maximum of $3 per spin.

Over 20 players have scooped more than the $10 million minimum, though it’s not common. The Megabucks slot is the world’s first wide-area progressive slot, or WAP Jackpot, which causes such a high jackpot. There is one jackpot network shared by all Megabucks machines in a particular region.

There’s no trick to winning the jackpot, it’s all a matter of random chance. The jackpot can be won without triggering bonus features or spinning wheels, all you have to do is line up 3 Megabucks symbols across a payline.

Megabuck Slot Machine Big Winner

When your winnings aren’t enough, how do you decide between perseverance and quitting while you’re ahead?

Having won $680,000 playing Wheel of Fortune at Palace Station, one 60-year-old woman found herself in this situation. While it was a healthy chunk of change, she wasn’t ready to call it quits yet.

As a result of her hard-earned winnings, the woman kept playing the casino games, frequently visiting the casino. In the end, she returned most of her previous winnings to the casino, which is pretty common in the gambling industry, but this story comes with a bit of a twist, as nearing the end of her total previous winnings, she hit a huge Jackpot.

She won an enormous $27 million jackpot on the Megabucks slot with her pot of leftover change and those countless hours spent on the gaming floor.

The lady will have to make some serious bets to reinvest all of that…

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